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NCERT Solutions⇒Class 9th⇒Beehive (English) ⇒English Medium⇒Chapter 2. The Road Not Taken (Poem)


NCERT Solutions for Beehive (English) Class 9th Chapter Chapter 2. The Road Not Taken (Poem)


NCERT Solutions for Beehive (English) Class 9th Chapter Chapter 2. The Road Not Taken (Poem)


NCERT Solutions


Beehive (English) Class 9th

Chapter 2. The Road Not Taken (Poem)

NCERT Solution

Thinking about the poem 

Ques1. Where does the traveller find himself? What problem does he face? 

Ans: The traveller finds himself in a jungle where raod goes to two different directions. He faces the problem of choosing one of them. 

Ques2. Discuss what these phrases mean to you. 

(i) A yellow wood

(ii) It was grasy and wanted wear

(iii) The passing there

(iv) Leaves no step had trodden black

(v) how way leads on to way.


(i) A yellow wood

Ans: (i) The yellow colour of the leaves refer to autumn season. 

(ii) It was grasy and wanted wear

Ans: (ii) It means that there was greenary over the road and had not been used.

(iii) The passing there

Ans: (iii) It means going through the road.

(iv) Leaves no step had trodden black

Ans: (iv) It means that leaves were not crushed by any human feet. 

(v) how way leads on to way.

Ans: (v) It means all the raods meet each other. 

Ques3. Is there any difference between the two roads as the poet described them. 

(i) In stanzas two and there? 

Ans: The roads refer to the choice of human lives. In the second and third stanza both the roads were covered with yellow leaves. First road is less travelled by people while the second road is much travelled, It was in third stanza.  

(ii) In the klast two lines of the poem? 

Ans: The poet says that this is the fact that he had to make a choice. He took the less travelled road that made all the differences to him. 

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NCERT Solution

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