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NCERT Solutions⇒Class 9th⇒Beehive (English) ⇒English Medium⇒Chapter 4. Wind (Poem)


NCERT Solutions for Beehive (English) Class 9th Chapter Chapter 4. Wind (Poem)


NCERT Solutions for Beehive (English) Class 9th Chapter Chapter 4. Wind (Poem)


NCERT Solutions


Beehive (English) Class 9th

Chapter 4. Wind (Poem)

NCERT Solution

Thinking about the poem 

Ques.1. What are the things the wind does in the first stanza / 


In the first stanza , of the poem the wind breaks the shutters of the windows , scatters the papers , throws down books on the shelf and torn the pages of the books. 

Ques.2. Have you seen anybody winnowgrain at home or in a paddy field ? What is the word in your language for winnowing? What do people use for winnowing ? 9Give the words in your language , if you know them.)


Yes, I have seen many villages ladies to winnowing grains near the road . farmers use this method to seprate the grains from the chaff etc. We call blowing for winnowing. 

Ques.3. What does the poetsay the wind god winnows? 


The poet says thet the wind god winnows all that come in its way like papers, books, houses, windows, trees and bodies etc. 

Ques.4. What should we do to make friends with the wind? 


We should build strong homes, joint the doors firmly, practice to firm the body and make heart stead fast to make friends with the wind. 

Ques.5. What do the last four lines of the poem mean to you? 


The last four lines of the poem mean that wind blows out weak fires but supports the strong fires. 

It is useful to us. we praise it everyday.

Ques.6. How does the poet speak to the wind- in anger or with humour? You must also have seen or heard of the wind" crumbling lives ". What is your response to this? is it like the poet's?


The poet speaks to the wind with anger. he tells it not destroy things which belong to us. the poet says that wind crumbling our lives and is against the weak. i am agree with the response of the poet. According to the poet we should be strong.    

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NCERT Solution

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